How to Build Your Perfect Jewelry Collection

If you look in your closet, you’ll probably find several items that make up the essential building blocks of your wardrobe: a boyfriend jean, a white tee, ankle boots, and of course a little black dress. We happily invest in these wear-every-day pieces knowing we’ll love them season after season. So why not apply the same logic to your jewelry collection?

Whatever look you’re after, make sure it’s reflected in each staple jewelry item you own — the delicate chain that feels like a second skin, the stud earrings you never take off, the watch that's more for style than time-checking, and so on.

Ahead, you will find a step-by-step guide to curating the perfect jewelry collection that’s not only practical but suits your core fashion personality. Consider your jewelry box properly attired.


Stud Earrings

This small addition to your jewelry collection will have a big impact on your outfit, adding a smart finishing touch that requires no real effort or thought. Look for a pair that suits your personal style and affixes closely to the ear. Shy away from long or statement earrings as your first or go-to pair; these sweeping styles can feel too overwhelming for everyday wear.

gold triangle shape diamond stud earrings for women jewelry


A Delicate Pendant Necklace

Up next on your jewelry checklist: a pendant necklace with sentimental meaning. It is important to infuse your jewelry collection with pieces of personal significance so the collection remains uniquely yours.

Ideally, you want an unassuming yet intriguing necklace that you can put on and never have to take off. Consider a pendant with your birthstone, a loved one’s initials, or a delicate charm that evokes a positive feeling or a warm memory.

gold crescent moon necklace pendant jewelry

eternal love infinity gold necklace pendant jewelry charm


An Everyday Watch

Like the extra shine of earrings, a classic watch makes your outfit feel polished and pulled together—again, with minimal effort. Look a clean design with a metal bracelet which is a reliable everyday timepiece that feels professional at work and not too stuffy for off-duty days.

To help you decide whether you should invest in silver or gold, defer to your favorite handbag’s hardware. If your satchel is covered in silver-brushed studs, go for silver. If your work tote has gold hardware, opt for a gold watch.


Stacking Rings

To build up your jewelry wardrobe further, add in a handful of mix-and-match rings. Look for rings with varying thickness that you can stack up or wear individually. Keep your collection interesting with rings in different metal types and colorful gemstones. The goal is to have a broad variety of styles that you can throw together to complement (and not overwhelm) the other pieces of jewelry you’re wearing.

gold stackable rings modern jewelry trends


A Statement Bracelet 

As your day-to-day collection comes together, it’s time to add in a few bold pieces to keep things interesting, starting with a statement bracelet or cuff. Sleek and architectural pieces can be a great option when it comes to adding dimension to your evening outfits or punch up your weekend t-shirt-and-jeans. Or, if you love stacking your bracelets, try a handful of bracelets and cuffs that pair well together and have different textures like a charm bracelet, a smooth enamel cuff and a thin chain bracelet.

gold bangle statement bracelet modern cuff  

gold bangle statement bracelet modern cuff


A Statement Necklace

Like your bold cuff or bracelet, you need a necklace that can spice up a crisp button-up or LBD. Unlike your dainty pendant necklace which quietly supports an ensemble and style, this necklace should be the focal point of your outfit. You want a stand-out necklace that works with multiple outfits but not one you wear every day. Try going for a chunky chain collar or a unique emerald stone necklace.   

gold celebrity emerald necklace earring trends

emerald green gold necklace pendant for women

gold double layering necklace with diamonds


Statement Evening Earrings

Now that your daytime jewelry collection is covered, you’re ready to branch out into evening styles. Start with chandelier or long earrings as they offer you the style flexibility to work with a variety of necklines and dress styles.

Once you have these core styles covered, do not feel bound to them forever. Your style will inevitably evolve as your preferences change. Take regular inventory of what you’re wearing—and what’s collecting dust—and start updating and refreshing your collection accordingly. The joy of a jewelry collection is getting to actually wear it, so make sure your pieces are always a reflection of your unique style.

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