Top 10 Wardrobe Essentials You Need in Your Closet Now

10 wardrobe essentials clothing basics to add to your closet


If you've been following trends, then you know that there's a great wave of organizing methods and books on essentialism flooding our social media feeds and inboxes, with Marie Kondo method at the helm.

Whether you follow any specific protocol, or would simply like to clean out your closet (and feel like you belong in this decade), then going back to the basics (literally) is the best way to start. This blog is a challenge for you to see if you can keep it minimalistic with just ten wardrobe staples! Sound crazy? Maybe. But even if this exercise helps you eliminate half of the clutter, then you'll have made progress. 

If you’re a little bit stumped as to where to begin selecting your ten must-have clothing items, consider this formula:

  • 2 Bottoms
  • 3 Tops (Consider pieces that layer well like a fitted long-sleeve, a button-down and a sweater)
  • 1 Dress (or jumper)
  • 1 Skirt
  • 1 Top Layer
  • 2 Pairs of Shoes (1 heel + 1 flat)

Got that? Perfect, now that you have this blueprint down, here's the good news: you can still enhance your ten basic wardrobe items with accessories. These can include items such as jewelry (duh), hats, belts, scarves, sunglasses, and of course, purses. 

Now, let's take a look at which articles of clothing we selected as the essential building blocks of our closet:

  1. Basic White Tee
  2. Lightweight Sweater
  3. Boyfriend Jean
  4. Black Ankle Boots
  5. Jumpsuit
  6. Suede Flats
  7. Midlength Skirt
  8. Slim Black Pant
  9. Button-Down Shirt
  10. Sweater Jacket


1. Basic White Tee

organic white tee womens linen shirt with boyfriend jean look


2. Lightweight Sweater

lightweight organic cream white sweater natural outfit ideas


3. Boyfriend Jeans

boyfriend denim jeans look style ideas


4. Black Ankle Boots

black ankle booties womens black ankle boots stylish looks outfit ideas


desert citizen jewelry dreamer collection necklaces earrings accessories


5. Jumpsuit

womens luxe denim classy jumpsuit summer outfit ideas


6. Cognac Suede Flats

cognac suede flats for women cute flats velvet outfit ideas


7.  Pleated Mid Length Skirt

white pleated skirt casual womens outfit summer ideas


8. Slim Black Pant

Black slim pants classy work outfit womens skinny slimming pant


9. Linen Button-Down Shirt


organic linen button down womens blouse shirt with jeans cool summer looks


10. Sweater Jacket

modern sweater jacket large womens cardigan outfit ideas


So why is this challenge so great? Here are our 3 big takeaways:

01 – We gained a better sense of my personal style

02 – We had a style breakthrough and found a new silhouette or look we would have never tried but love.

03 – We really don’t need a huge closet (or to shop a lot) to satisfy our style.


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