Should You Wear Jewelry to a Job Interview? Job Interview Dress Etiquette

should i wear jewelry to job interview

You’ve got an interview - congrats!

The best job interview advice we could give anyone is to dress as if you’re already hired. But is it okay to wear jewelry to a job interview?

Depending on the industry and your geographical region, your apparel choices might vary significantly. Hopefully, you’ve already researched the company culture and have a general idea of what is considered appropriate. But if you need a few ideas on how to dress for your big day without breaking the interview dress code, here are some suggestions:


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It’s not quantity, but the quality that counts. Choose simple and smaller earrings such as 14k gold plated modern studs, small hoops, or dangle earrings that don’t draw attention and frame your face with subtlety. If you have multiple piercings, stick to one pair. It’s important to choose jewelry that enhances your interview attire, not overwhelms it.


Should you wear a statement piece to an interview? There’s nothing worse than loud jewelry that is gaudy, bright, large or oddly shaped. Wearing multiple bracelets or large necklaces with equally large pendants are a definite no go. Instead, choose precious metals to communicate sophistication to your hiring manager. Once you land the job, you will have a bit more freedom to express yourself through jewelry and accessories.


Since you don’t know your interviewer's background, it’s best to opt out of expensive pieces (with the exception of wedding bands and engagement rings). These might not only appeal distracting, but raise questions about why someone who appears already-wealthy is serious about the job, or even worse, deserving or in need of one. Some might argue against this and want to wear expensive jewelry to show they are in a particular “social class”. It really depends on the type of role you are interviewing for, but if the job is entry-level, you’re better off leaving your diamonds at home.


It’s important to keep in mind the image you want to project during your interview and pick an outfit that will create a positive perception. For example, if you are interviewing for a banking job, it’s best to dress conservatively. But if you are applying for a creative role for a marketing agency, you can wear something a little bit more elaborate, colorful and artistic that shows a glimpse of your personality without causing distractions.

Still unsure what to wear to a job interview? You can always contact the company’s HR department to ask for attire guidelines.


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