Thoughtful Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Ideas for 7 Personality Types

"We are born of love; love is our mother." - Rumi 


Moms care for us, inspire us and always make us feel at home. If you aren't sure what gift to get Mom this Monther's Day, you've come to the right place. Skip the flowers this holiday, and impress her with a high-quality, meaningful piece of long-lasting jewelry she'll appreciate. And to help you pick just the right gift for your mom, we've compiled a list of jewelry styles for 7 different types of personalities:


1. The "Progressive" Mom

This mom most likely had kids early on and is now in her mid-forties. She's cool and edgy yet classy and worldly. She knows quality when she sees it and doesn't except anything less for herself. This Mother's Day gift her our beautiful Skyler Necklace, a high-quality, unique layered 18k gold vermeil necklace with sparkly zircon stone. It’s the perfect idea for a thoughtful Mother's Day present she'll wear  during dinner night outs on the town with friends.

7 best gift ideas for mothers day present holiday gift for mom


2. The "Adventurous" Mom

Does your mom travel a lot? Is she the first one to book a retreat in Sedona or organize a group hike with her friends? This Mother's Day, surprise her with a necklace gift that will keep her spirit of adventure shining through even the most mundane days. Our hypoallergenic 18k gold vermeil Saguaro Cactus Necklace or Gold Mountain Top Necklace are the perfect Mother's Day gift ideas for the mom who loves nature and the great outdoors.

7 gift ideas for mom christmas present mothers day gift 


3. The "Resilient" Mom

When life gives her lemons... your mom is the first one to make lemonade. Even though she may have been through a lot, she's always there to help everyone around her and perseveres through the stormiest seasons. This Mother's Day, gift her with our rose gold Lotus Flower Necklace, the perfect present to acknowledge her resilience and strength.

gift ideas for mom jewelry presents for mothers day christmas holiday


4. The "I Have It All" Mom

"I'm so fancy, you already know, I'm in the fast lane, from L.A. to Tokyo"... does this sound like your mom? Is she the woman who has it all... and then some more? If nothing can really impress your mom this Mother's Day, at least pick a gift that will reflect her timeless style. The Aria Necklace is a no-brainer Mother's Day gift idea for I-Have-It-All Mom. 

best gift ideas for mom jewelry christmas present mothers day gift

Emerald green is the color of May so brownie points if her birthday falls on that month. 


5. The "Spiritual Hipster" Mom

Didn't your mom tell you that you shouldn't have dated a Pisces? Or was it the Mercury Retrograde that caused your latest boy drama? Either way, your spiritual hipster mom knows the universe has your back. Or was that Gabby Bernstein that said it? If your mom would like to feel even more connected to the collective consciousness, show her your love by gifting her a perfect Mother's Day jewelry present from our Dreamer Collection.

gift ideas jewelry for mom mothers day christmas present idea

Get a fresh start on new moon. Set intentions on crescent moon. Take actions on half moon. Harvest your wishes and dreams on full moon.


6. The "Practical" Mom

This type of mom actually doesn't like sparkly things or jewels. Her everyday style consists of Lululemon yoga pants, a soft tee, and comfy sneakers. Instead of accessorizing with gold jewelry chains, this Mother's Day, gift her our simple yet modern, hypoallergenic 18k gold vermeil Triangular Stud Earrings. We promise she'll love them as much as she does loungewear. After all, it's all about balance for this mamma. 

gold triangular stud earrings with diamond stones classy studs for work 


7. The "I Don't Need Anything Mom"

This selfless woman supports everyone around her, yet she refuses to accept anything she doesn't technically need. While that is a wholesome trait, she deserves the world for her contributions to your life and well... the entire community. This Mother's Day, gift her something budget-friendly (so she won't be upset you spent too much on her!) Our minimalistic gold Raise the Bar Stud Earrings are the perfect choice for a Mother's Day present for this modest mama.

minimalist gold stud earrings womens jewelry gifts for mothers day under 50


So there you have it, 7 thoughtful gift ideas for your Mother's Day. We hope this blog made you laugh at least once and that you and your mom have a wonderful holiday this year! 

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