Tips on How to Wear Sexy Lace Bralette Tops and Halters This Summer

“She's an old soul with young eyes, a vintage heart, and a beautiful mind.” 
― Nicole Lyons


Summer has arrived and that means another opportunity to shed off those layers, get your closet organized using the KonMarie method (seriously check it out), and get a new summer wardrobe. This month, we are featuring what every woman loves, the perfect marriage between comfort and lace - the fancy bralette.

There is truly nothing better than that moment you can finally slip off your bra at the end of a long day. Coming in close second are bralettes—the lightweight, less suffocating alternatives to underwire bras. 

When you’re seeking a more comfortable option but can’t exactly go braless to work, one of the top-rated styles listed below will do just the trick:


Versace Bralette 

 black versace bralette

 Bruno Mars said it best "Versace on the floor..." This cute bralette would look great under a sheer dress, a pair of overalls or simply with a jacket over it. Either way, you are sure to make a bold fashion statement with this one.


Love Stories "Darling Blush" Bralette 

love stories bralette

This beautiful, dreamy lace is straight out of a lace fairytale. Obsessed would be a major understatement here... this is subtle sexiness magnified.


mystery jewelry piece


Love Stories "Holly Blush" Bralette

love stories blush bralette

This cute pink bralette snaps right in front letting you control just the right level of cleavage. Pair it with a black leather skirt to contrast the softness and you're ready to hit the night on the town.


Love Stories "Black Poppy" Bralette

poppy black love stories bralette

 When you can’t quite “free the nipple” at work, here’s the next best thing. 


New earring bohemian style fashion jewelry 


Julia Ruffle Bralette by Hanky Panky

julia ruffle bralette hanky panky

A high-waisted full skirt is a perfect match for this white bralette. Or check out a dozen other ways to wear a bralette like a grown up.


Love Stories "Lemon" Bralette

love stories bralette

Sydney Lace Bralette by Honeydew Intimates

sydney lace bralette

This grey lace bralette goes perfectly when peeking out of an oversized cardigan off your shoulder. 


shop gold layering necklaces


One Kiss Bralette by Free People 

one kiss bra free people


Fringe Mesh Bralette by Honeydew Intimates 


coachella fringe halter top

Umm... did someone say Coachella? In case you were looking for show-stopping fringe, this one will surely keep heads spinning.


Darling Lace Bralette by Love Stories 

darling lace bralette by love stories


















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