10 Best Modern Bohemian Home Decor Ideas to Inspire Your Carefree Spirit

"A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy." - Juan Montoya

modern style boho chic decoration home ideas

Looking to channel your inner bohemian? Nothing can help you live a boho lifestyle like adding some bohemian style decor to your living room or bedroom. 

Unsure where to start? We've compiled a list of the best bohemian style home decor ideas to transform any space into a magical surrounding full of life, culture and interesting items for the world to see. 

It's time to embrace the carefree, the relaxed and the unusual in your bohemian abode!


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1. You can go easy with a dreamcatcher, step it up to a macrame hanging piece or get bold and throw a rug on the wall. 

best boho home decor


2. Choose this a tantalizing chair from India to project a colonial-meets-contemporary vibe...

bohemian style chair decor ideas


3…or trade in your furniture for this cozy Hammock Chair

hammock chair boho home decor


4. Remember to add a rug with modern bohemian styling, like this Transitional Vintage Moroccan Grey Area Rug - a perfect casual fit for any room.

bohemian style rug home decor jdeas


5. And stick to Boho decor 101: You can never have enough plants or prints like this Embossed Roots Matter Ceramic Pot Planter.

modern ceramic pots home design ideas


6. Make a perfect centerpiece for your space with this Modern Boho Media Stand (crafted from mango wood).

modern style boho decor media stand


7. Then add this modern Triangle Side Table to lend a new angle to your living room (ideal for small spaces).

boho style home decor living room


8. Toss in some Moroccan Inspired Pillows to bring a subtle boho vibe to a neutral room. 

moroccan style pillows boho home decor


9. Don't forget boho tapestries like this Bohemian Wall Hanging Throw with a fun pineapple design.

bohemian style wall tapestry home decor


10. And lastly, create a warm atmosphere with lanterns and candles, essential for bohemian living.

boho style modern lanterns home decor


bohemian style home decor ideas


Keep in mind that your bohemian style furniture does not have to be store bought, but it should be special and tell a story. So have fun exploring your local vintage shops and flea markets!

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