Desert Citizen Ambassador Series | Meet Sarah Gunn

For the second part of our ambassador series, we wanted to introduce Sarah Gunn – Mama Extraordinaire! We are excited and happy to have her in our Desert Citizen squad. Here’s a little bit about Sarah:

She is a stay-at-home mom to her two beautiful girls, aged just one and two-and-a-half. We can only imagine how full her hands are! Sarah hails from Kaneohe, Hawaii on the island of Oahu, where she was born and raised. Her and her husband also met and married on the island, but she has since relocated to Florida after her husband ended his career as a Marine. She continues to post about her tropical life and has no idea how jealous she makes us all. 

Sarah says her mother has impacted her life the most as she has so much tenacity. As a single mother, she pushed Sarah to better her life. “I am who I am today because of her, she gifted me a beautiful and diverse childhood full of amazing memories and learning experiences,” says Sarah. 

Becoming and being a mom has been her biggest accomplishment. Though she attended the University of Hawaii Manoa in pursuit of becoming a professor, life had different plans. After attaining her Bachelor’s in English, she is now a mother of two invigorating little girls, who push her to constantly be her best self. Caring for her two toddlers is one of the most tiring and, simultaneously, rewarding things she has ever done. They bring joy to every day and push her to view the world through their alternate perspectives.

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Sarah’s favorite photo: Her daughters meeting for the first time!

Sarah imparted some beautiful Hawaiian knowledge upon the DC community: “You have to walk backwards into the future, facing the past head on the learn from mistakes that have been made in order to do better.” We might have to steal that from you, Sarah!  

A true Hawaiian girl, Sarah’s ideal meal is a spicy ahi poke bowl with extra furikake on freshly steamed white rice and eel sauce drizzled on top from Tamura’s Liquor store in the Aikahi Shopping Center. Just typing that up had my mouth watering. She loves all DC compass pieces, and looks pretty donning them! (Just check out her Insta!)

Her husband, whom she fondly calls her lighthouse, makes her feel most confident. He is so supportive of their family, herself, and any journeys they choose to endeavor on. I think we have to find more of him. 

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Sarah sporting DC’s 'Follow Your Journey' Compass Necklace

Check out Sarah’s Instagram @mamagunn, give her a follow, and show her some love! Welcome to the family, Sarah!