9 Must-Have Intentional Necklaces and Their Surprise Meanings

meanings of jewelry pieces meaning of the moon and star


Did you know that necklaces may have been one of the earliest types of adornment worn by humans?

Dating back to ancient civilizations, jewelry served as a symbol of wealth and status for many cultures. To no surprise, jewelry pieces made of precious metals and stones were often used as part of celebratory and even religious ceremonies.

And while today, you may not think much of your new piece of bling, it can still serve as a powerful symbol and reminder of your wishes, hopes, and dreams. That's why at Desert Citizen, we strive to design intentional jewelry that's not only beautiful to wear but can empower you and your journey.

Whether you choose to treat yourself or gift a loved one, here we break down some of our 9 favorite necklaces and the special meanings behind them:


The moon symbol deeply resonates with the most whimsical dreamers. People who are unafraid to let their minds run and dream beyond their confines. The moon possesses divine feminine energy and lends its powers to female empowerment. Additionally, the meaning of the moon is understood as a balancing force for emotions, creativity, and positivity.

gold moon charm pendant necklace with zirconia stones meaning of moon

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Lotus Flower

The lotus flower symbol is an indicator of spiritual awareness. The lotus serves as a reminder of a never-ending awakening and the ongoing spiritual journey that an individual is enduring. The meaning of the lotus flower is a detachment from myopia and encouragement of perseverance and tenacity in the face of adversity.

rose gold lotus flower necklace lotus charm meaning

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The sun symbol represents abundance, warmth, and new beginnings. Through the sun we are offered light and clarity; an ability to see our problems anew and reconsider unique solutions to the tribulations we face. The meaning behind the sun symbol has also been relate to power and authority, a theme most commonly represented in ancient mythology. Wearing the sun symbol can serve as a daily reminder of your own empowerment and strength.

gold sun shaped necklace pendant jewelry sun pendant 18k gold

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North Star

The anchor of the northern sky. The north star has been regarded as a symbol of hope and inspiration. The meaning behind the north star often represents a guiding force on a path to self-discovery and purpose. Wear it to inspire your journey.

 north star diamond pendant necklace star gold charm jewelry necklace

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Hamsa Hand

The hamsa hand symbol acts as an intercepting force between you and negative energy. Aside from protecting you from the negativity projected by others, the hamza hand meaning is to protect you from yourself. The hamsa symbol prevents the ability of your negative feelings towards yourself to fully manifest.

hamza hand necklace gold pendant meaning of hamza hand charm

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The mountain necklace charm symbol represents tenacity and the ability to overcome the blockages that obstruct your path to success. Mountains also symbolize consistency and firmness; the ability to be unmoved in your resolution. On the more fun, adventurous side, the mountain necklace is a great jewelry piece for any nature lover in your life.

gold mountain shaped necklace pendant cubic zirconia diamond mountain necklace

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To no surprise the cactus is a symbol of endurance. Cacti are plants that can stand the test of time and withstand the effects of natural elements. They thrive in harsh conditions along with providing warmth and affection when needed. Gifting someone a cactus necklace means telling them they are resilient fighters who do not give up in tough situations.

diamond cactus necklace pendant cactus charm jewelry 18k gold cactus

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The compass symbol offers guidance and safety. Similar to the north star, the compass is meant to guide you along your personal journey. The north star provides you with a sense of direction but with the compass, the destination is set by you. Compass symbol meaning is to remind you to ultimately wield the power over your own life.

gold compass necklace pendant compass charm gift idea for graducation

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The heart is a symbol of unconditional love, understanding, and compassion. Through the use of their heart, people are able to develop courage and willpower. Love is the strongest force in the world, and following your heart is often what leads to life changing decisions.

gold heart shaped necklace puffed gold charm locklet gold 18k heart jewelry

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Now that you know the meanings of some of our favorite necklaces, which ones resonate with you? Are you a resilient fighter or big dreamer whose imagination runs wild? No matter what your heart desires, we want to make sure you find a necklace to match your spirit. Be sure to use our secret promo code 'INTENTION' for an extra 25% off your order! <3



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