How It All Began - Founder's Story

This week we thought we’d do something a little different. We want to introduce you to our Founder Aleksandra, and tell you about Desert Citizen’s genesis. We hope this provides you with insight into our company and the philosophy behind our jewelry.

Here’s a note from her:

"I grew up on the northern coast of Poland and moved to Chicago with my family at the age of twelve. After graduating from DePaul University with a degree in Finance, I set on a traditional path of working for an investment fund in the city. While that time was a great learning opportunity, my heart was ultimately elsewhere as I longed for a creative outlet. The brutal winters in the Windy City began to take their toll and tropical backgrounds of influencers that plagued my Instagram feed drew me to make the jump. Though it seemed like a pipe dream at the time, I packed my bags and made my way to the hottest place in the country – Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Although I obtained a business degree, I always had a keen eye for design and aesthetics. But most importantly, I’ve always had a deep hunger for learning and personal development, constantly seeking the next opportunity to challenge myself and grow. I would not let my lack of experience in jewelry making deter me and always believed that if you can imagine it, you can achieve it. It was only a matter of time before I channeled my passion and creativity into a business endeavor that would manifest into something new and inspiring for this world, but more importantly, something of my own.

My goal for Desert Citizen is to provide intentional jewelry that is empowering and relatable to every woman. We each have wild dreams, big or small, but often lack the confidence to follow our hearts on this magical journey called life. Jewelry is the perfect vehicle for me to instill beauty, empowerment, and a sense of adventure in women, offering them a daily reminder of their unlimited potential. 

My intention is that when women step out the door each morning, they feel beautiful, inspired, and confident to take on their day. They already have everything they need to succeed inside them, and our jewelry is just a gentle daily reminder to help them unapologetically step into their power. No matter what your day consists of – there’s a goddess waiting to be awakened inside each and every one of us."


desert citizen jewerly


We hope you are all staying safe at home. Use this time to find your most true and most powerful self, and ~own it~. Let us know how you’re pairing Desert Citizen with your loungewear @desertcitizen!