Desert Citizen Ambassador Series | Meet Alexis Bennett

Hello and welcome back to our blog!

This week, we are very excited to announce a new series we'll be sharing with you. As a young brand, we chose to reach out and introduce ourselves to a few of you, and even invite you to become part of the DC family. 

With no further due, we are so very happy to introduce our ~first ever~ brand ambassador, Alexis Bennet!

gold cactus necklace pendant saguaro cactus charm jewelry gift ideas for graduation

Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ, Alexic fully embodies our DC gift vibe. She’s a desert dweller who LOVES her Desert Citizen cactus necklace, and we love it on her! She’s always been a hopeless romantic and grew up watching Audrey Hepburn movies. It’s no surprise that her favorite movie is the classic “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Alexis loves peonies and wishes they would bloom all year long. Her favorite candies are gummy worms and Almond Joy. Maybe that’s why she’s so sweet?

She shares her Scorpio zodiac sign with her grandmother, charmingly calling themselves “Scorpio Sisters”. She enjoys Arizona sunsets because she can sip a margarita while watching the sky transition through pink and purple hues. Be sure to follower her on Instagram @alexiscierrab

As graduation looms in the near future, think about gifting Alexis’s favorite piece, our gold cacti necklace. May may not know this but cacti symbolize endurance, persistence, and toughness! Gifting someone a cactus necklace tells them you recognize they are resilient fighters who do not give up in tough situations. In Native American culture, gifting a cactus is a way of telling someone you care for them as it represents warmth, protection, and motherly.

So if you're considering what to give the grad in your life, send them off into the world with our 18k gold vermeil cacti necklace for all the confidence they need to succeed.