5 Easy Ways to Discover Your True Passion in Life

 "I'm learning everyday to allow the space between where I am & where I want to be, to inspire me and not terrify me." 

ways to discover your purpose


1. Explore the Things That Come Easy to You

how to discover your life passiion

Do you have good design aesthetic? Are you naturally charismatic or persuasive? Do you speak multiple languages? Do you paint? Even though some skills might come as second nature to you, they don't necessarily come easy for others. Pay attention to your natural talents and expand on them daily. 


2. Let Go of Internal Pressure

how to find your purpose

Stop labeling or looking for that one thing to do for the rest of your life. We are multi dimensional creatures with multiple passions and gifts. Don't feel like your job defines you. If you were to lose it, who would be left? Simply do you and the things that bring you joy. The only person you have to answer to is yourself.



3. Stay Authentic to Yourself

discover your life purpose

You can only be in true alignment with your life passion when you are authentically connected to yourself. Oprah once asked a guest on her show to explain how they make authentic choices. "By not feeling like I betrayed myself", they responded. When you act on your natural instincts, you'll never feel betrayed. Use that as your compass to guide you in life. 


4. Don't Conform to Social Norms

how to discover your passion

As we grow into adults, we lose a lot of our natural curiosity and start taking on qualities considered socially acceptable. Unfortunately, this cuts off our creativity and natural flow of ideas. As Einstein once said: "Am I or are the others crazy?" No matter how "out there" your ideas are, pursue them relentlessly. If you truly have something to offer, the world will value your contributions.  


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5. Write a Personal Mission Statement for Your Life

how to discover your passion in life

Yes, just like companies capture their mission, you can express how you want to live your life. Having a mission statement in place will help you stay connected to what truly drives you in life. Typically your personal creed with establish these three things:

1) Your Purpose
2) Your Direction
3) The substance of things that matter to you

Our Example:

I want to inspire and empower others to live an authentic life through my creativity and spirit of adventure.