25 Positive Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

25 positive affirmations that will change your life


Positive affirmations are so much more than just feel good quotes and positive statements. They actually change the language of the brain! When you train your brain to get used to a thought, emotion or behavior, you set yourself up for success.

Your brain reacts to your thoughts in a very literal way so you can use affirmations to attract anything you desire including romance, abundance, positive relationships, better health etc. 

Here are 25 powerful affirmations to repeat throughout the day to change your life:



I attract new clients each day.

My coworkers love being around me.

My works brings me financial abundance.

I have a dream job / business.

I love every day that I work.

I am enthusiastic and excited about my work.

Anything that challenges me at work grows my skill set.



I am with my soulmate and we share a life full of love.

There is a deep understanding between my partner and I.

Everyday my life is filled with love.

My partner is kind, compassionate and understanding.

My partner finds my sexy because (he/she) is attracted to every part of me.

I trust my partner.


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I take care of my body and exercise every day.

I crave healthy, nutritious foods.

I accept the shape of my body.

I am in love with every cell in my body.

I am grateful for the life force and energy that runs through my body.

I release anxiety and find peace.


Everyday Life

I wake up happy and excited every single day.

Each day of my life is filled with joy and love.

Everything I do is fun, healthy and exciting.

I easily accomplish all of my goals.

I am present in every moment.

I see beauty in everything.


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